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Kedou’s Christmas Podcast
Kedou’s Helado Caper – In Celebration of the Day of Ice-Cream
Kedou & Kiyo

Christmas Podcast

Kedou says, “Happiness is for sharing!” Please pass it on! xmas3

Christmas Podcast

by Kedou Kids | The Kedou Specials

Kedou’s Helado Caper

The little bear celebrates The Day of Ice-Cream with a grand adventure!


Kedou's Helado Caper

by Kedou Kids | The Kedou Specials

The Adventures of Kedou & Kiyo

Our little bear adopts his Golden Retriever buddy, Kiyo,  from a shelter. Read their adventures as Kedou tries to be a good friend to Kiyo.

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At the Shelter

One day, Kedou and Meme went to the animal shelter. A quiet whimper and a furiously wagging tail caught our little bear’s attention and he trotted over to investigate the kennel.

“Kiyo…” read Kedou. The little bear looked into Kiyo’s bright, trusting eyes and knew there and then, that Kiyo’s home was with him. He scampered over to Meme, “Meme, please, may I adopt Kiyo?”

Meme chuckled as she knew her little bear would not be able to resist Kiyo’s charm. “Are you sure, Kedou? It’s not just fun and games having a dog you know. Especially since we don’t know why Kiyo was left here.”

”Yes, Meme, I’m sure – I promise I will take good care of Kiyo,”  the little bear solemnly replied.

Can Kedou live up to his promise?




“Oh! My goodness, is he alright?” Gasps of concern echoed around the small courtyard at the animal shelter.

Kedou waved his tiny paws awkwardly, trying to let everyone know that he was unharmed. Our little bear was in Kiyo’s kennel. The exuberant puppy had pounced on Kedou as he entered, and gently grabbed hold of the little bear’s foot. In Kiyo’s doggie way, he was telling Kedou how happy he was to see him. Bear and dog were now doing a staggering, hopping dance across the kennel floor, watched by many pairs of anxious eyes.

Meme stood quietly, she was sure that her little bear would remember how he had prepared for this moment.

Kedou took a deep breath, steadied himself against the wall, and resolutely turned his head away from Kiyo’s laughing eyes and wagging tail. Kiyo wuffed, dropped into a play bow, inviting his new friend to continue the game. Now that his foot was free, Kedou turned completely around, facing away from the puzzled dog. Minutes passed as dog pranced and jumped up playfully at the little bear. Still Kedou stood with his back turned away, silent even though his heart was beating away fast as can be, waiting for that important moment. And it came. Kiyo dropped into a sit, peering with questioning eyes at the little bear’s back. Kedou turned around, and remembering Meme’s words not to fuss over Kiyo, stretched out a firm paw and stroked Kiyo’s head calmly. The dog wriggled in delight, pink tongue sticking out in a wide puppy grin, looking adoringly at his strange new friend. But he remained in a sit, somehow sensing that that was what the little bear was trying to tell him.

Kedou looked up happily at Meme and she nodded – the little bear and his buddy had passed the first test of their friendship. They were ready to go home.


At Home


“7am… rise and shine! Potty in garden…”
“7.20am… breakfast. Nice hor, Kiyo!”
“7.40am… garden tour and potty. Walking exercises – hmmm…we must practise more, Kiyo.”

“8am… play then rest in crate.”
The little bear busily scribbled in his notebook. “Meme says, we must set up a daily routine together, Kiyo. It’s the first step in settling down you know.”

Kiyo wagged his tail merrily, gave Kedou a nice, wet lick on his ears, causing the little bear to chuckle. The puppy didn’t understand all of the strange sounds that his buddy was making, but he was prepared to share any adventure with the cheerful little bear. Even if it meant walking ever so slowly around the garden, when really, one should just dash into the bushes, eat the flowers and romp in the grass! Maybe next time…