Let the Treasure Hunt begin!

wee adventures for the little bear...

Kedou loves to explore places. Trying his paws at new activities is fun for him, and most of all, the little bear is ready to celebrate life at any time!

We present… KEDOU-LYMPICS!

How can you tell what Kedou is feeling? Take a closer look at the emotipatch at the back of our little bear’s head.

Kedou is usually a very happy little bear, especially when he has eaten helado!


Kedou’s emotipatch turns a bright lilac color when he’s filled with amazement and wonder about the things he sees.


That’s one of the reasons why Kedou is an ‘adorable pea’ – he’s always curious about things happening around him.


Kedou has a knack of knowing what others are feeling, and he’s quick to show his concern if he knows you’re feeling a little down.


Kedou’s Meme says that he’s the ‘smartest and cutest’ little bear. But when embarassing things happen to him, Kedou is ready to chuckle at himself too!



Even though Kedou is just a baby bear, he still has to figure things out  for himself.



Kedou’s learning really quickly about how to be brave, but hor, it’s sometimes difficult as he’s ‘just a little bear’!



When Kedou’s feeling anxious, his emotipatch changes colour really quickly.



Kedou’s emotipatch darkens to vermillion red when he’s scared. But fortunately, our little bear is very well-loved and his emotipatch usually stays blue.



It’s ok to feel sad at times, and Kedou usually feels like that when he has to say goodbye to friends, or when he watches a sad movie with his Meme and Fefe.


Kedou doesn’t like to be far away from his Meme and Fefe, so sometimes when he has to be a brave pea about it, he’d feel a little homesick and wistful. It doesn’t happen often though!


I love to go a-wandering.  Join me!